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Yet another pointless pic but ask me if I care.

ZodiacChic Post:Aquarius
I make more progress by not giving a fuck…..this is actually very true.

ZodiacChic Post:Aquarius

If you want to know the way to my heart…feed me.

i am terrified to raise a little black girl in an equal, yet completely different way that i am terrified to raise a black son.



::tearfully nods::

I’m afraid they kill my daughter’s spirit and I’m afraid they’ll kill my son and say he asked for it

^ this is the point i’m making. i’m fearful for my daughter’s spirit and my son’s body being deemed ‘public dominion.’ 

I enjoy me a little too much…it’s probably time I “settle down”…then again, maybe not. 20’s are your selfish years right?? I think I’m right lol
"How could something that’s so bad make you feel so good?"-Kanye West

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